*** Reproductions ***

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How our reproductions are being made...

Doll-Art makes reproductions of antique dolls.

We use Seeley's Nordic White or Pure White porcelain for the authentic reproduction dolls.
Which is carefully brought in three fires to the right shade of color for a certain doll.

The prices on our pricelist are including Doll-Art ceramic body and crystal or paperweight eyes, but no wig.

You can find them on our sites.

BRU 11

You can acces our pricelists through our site.

It's possible for you to order paparmache or Seeley bodies, however this will cost you extra. A possibility is also porcelain bodies.

When you order an undressed doll, you are able to choose the color of the eyes and wig.

German dolls have crystal eyes, French dolls have paperweight eyes.

The dressed reproductions are for sale and come with a certificate of originality signed by the artist.

BRU 14

The undressed dolls are made when ordered, however you can make your choice from the dressed dolls, when in stock.

Doll-Art has a large variety of molds, including Bru, Steiner, Jumeau, Kestner, Simon und Hallbig, etc. etc.

Long Face Jumeau

We preferably use old fabric end lace to make the dolls clothes. When new fabric is used for a certain piece of clothing, then it is always a natural material. This also goes for new laces, for instance insertion lace.

We usually use new silk for silk costums. The are in varyous patterns and thicknessess, like ponge silk and shantung silk.

Phenix Star

We have a nice variety of patterns for reproductions called:
Doll-Art Fashion.

Doll-Art also has dollhouse dolls (scale 1:12), with or without wigs..

A pricelist is again available through our site.


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