*** AM 310 Just me***
Bayron mold B354a

AM 310/0
German doll

Doll height:
25 cm, 10"


Body: Toddler jointed body

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The AM 310 Just me is a five piece toddlerbody, used is a Byron body mold for the porcelain body. The doll-head is made of white porcelain.

Because our reproductions are unique, there can be a difference in the used fabrics and laces.

The doll comes with a stand and a certificate signed by the artist.

Following prices are incl. wigs and eyes.

  Price undressed € 100,00  
  Price fully dressed € 130,00  

AM 310 Just me

This sweet little girl is a reproduction A. M. 310.Just me.
She is just 10" tall. Isn’t she a stunning little something?

She is marked 310 A0M. Germany.

Her head is made of white porcelain and has a beautiful coloring.
The painted features are very sweet!

Her deep dark green glass eyes are telling you about the doubts she has.
She has a short warm blond mohair wig with little curls in it. Her body is made of porselain and is a five piece toddler.

She is wearing a silk off-white crochet dress with little offwhite bonnet decorated with white ribbons and pink roses with turkoois leaves embroidered on the ribbons.
She is wearing a body of the same silk chrotched work, closing with little pearls, like her dress is.

She is wearing ecru cotton stockings, and silk offwhite shoes.
The doll comes with a stand.