*** History Dollmaking ***

It has been 26 years that I started making reproductions of antique dolls.
I first saw porcelain dolls on a summermarket.
They turned out to be reproductions of antique dolls.
And the giving fact that I have allways been crazy about dolls,
I devoted my future years to studying the history of many early
dollmanufacturers and their many different dolls, for example mechanical dolls

I called my company in 1981 " Poppenhuuske".


These days, since 1990 we are known as Doll-Art Exclusive
As years went by my expertise grew and it became clear to me that my preference went to French dolls,
for example Bru, Gaultier, Rabery Delphieu, A.Thuillier etc.
There can be found some magnificent pieces of these in my showroom and on my homepage.

In 1983 I was awarded first price, lateron I became Guildmaster and in 1995 National Champion.
Next to that the New Dolls-era came and even though I was and still am most fond of the reproductions,
I started focussing on new dolls also, wich is why there are some magnificent pieces of these dolls
in my showroom. Babies and children are represented there as well,
and even the much smaller new dollhouse dolls with there very flexible bodies,
or the Reproduktion dollhouse dolls.

Because of the fact that some new dolls are taller than 60 cm (24 inch) me and my daughter
were able to go shopping together for real childclothing to dress those dolls, an adventitious circumstance.
Of all the dolls I have the smallest is 3,5 cm (1.4 inch) and the tallest 1,70 meter (68 inch)!
We are holding work-shops in our atelier in the making of reproductions
and in making ceramics.
You can find prospectus of the work-shops on our site or by E-mail.
You can buy the dolls dressed and undressed or  the ceramics painted and unpainted
and you can download the pricelists on our site.